Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Gift of Time

Q: What do you give a friend whose most pressing need most 
days is for just a few more minutes now and again?

A: Time! 

In short, a certificate (or two) for a night out of the kitchen when nobody's sick and no funeral is pending and that doesn't involve food wrapped in paper!

I snagged the perfect gift bag at Wal-Mart for the book I couldn't wait to share with my friend Steph, then used a scanned image of it to make these little certificates.

You don't have to do that. Just use these. Or scribble the promise on the back of a torn envelope. It won't matter; if your friend's like mine, she'll love it!

Wondering why the "or someone else's family" addition? Because this particular friend once expressed to me that there were folks that SHE would like to offer a meal to, but because of her hectic four-kids-two-dogs-a-cat-and-a-horse life, she simply doesn't have time.

With these, I hope she feels free to ask me to do it FOR her! If you've ever taken food to someone, you know what a blessing that is for the giver. This way, she gets the giver's blessing without having to take time from her many tasks if she wants to!