Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Open House Printables

(To see all the printables I've made to share, click here.)

I'm planning to leave a little treat on each teacher's desk on the way out of Monday's Open House.

I'm sharing the word art with you so you can do something with them, too. If you plan to make the same little gift, be sure to measure the bottle of liquid soap or waterless hand sanitizer and re-size the image accordingly. We have 14  15 (!) teachers to buy for, and as the project grew from doing the teachers we already know to include all but the JrROTC leader, I grabbed sanitizer wherever I happened to shop. Though they're all GermX, it seems they are all different sizes. Go figure.

Free for personal use, please don't sell, repost, or alter these images.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Practical Inspiration

Since getting my male child to take a gift to his teachers is somewhat, erm, difficult, I have taken to slipping a little something onto the teacher's desk as I leave the classroom at open house.  These are specifically for science, technology, English, and geometry, in that order.
  • DO use these for PERSONAL gifting only and NOT for sale,
  • DON'T alter them (including my byline)
  • DO give credit and link.
If you want to see MY project with more details, click here.
And boy, would you make my day if you linked or otherwise shared how you used these inserts.